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  • Heart of Winter – Trailer for new sci-fi film
    Legacy Pictures have released the pitch trailer for it’s debut feature film, Heart of Winter. A meteor shower brings a strange new compound to Earth. The compound finds its way onto the black market and becomes used as an addictive recreational drug. It is quickly declared illegal but when two brothers discover that the compound […]
  • The Heavenly Sword movie gets a new trailer
    Based on the top-selling Sony Playstation video game, ‘Heavenly Sword’ stars the voice of Anna Torv (Fringe) who returns as Nariko, the red-headed, weapon-wielding divine warrior in-waiting. She must ultimately defeat King Bohan (voiced by Alfred Molina) a tyrannical ruler who is determined to secure ownership of the heavenly sword. The film will be released […]

Film & Video Samples

Here are several samples of our film and video productions. Please feel free to watch the videos to get an idea about what we can offer your project:



The Stopwatch Gang documentary



The short film Perspective Shift



Phil Rosenthal interview and Q&A



The Old Town Mission’s submission to ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition



Frances Fisher Interview



An Evening with Nicolas Cage



Occupy Wall Street Demonstration, Cottonwood, AZ



Jonathan Morgan Heit Interview



Redstone and Great Ventures Tours Ad



Pepsi Refresh Your Ad Here Project